My name is Svetlana (Lana) and I'm here to introduce Mindfulness and Yoga to you. 

I've got a vast experience of over 1,000 classes, from professional athletes to vulnerable and disabled; I've taught with It's Yoga (San Francisco), taught Olympic Yoga in Hyde Park during 2012; taught in Buddhist Monastery in Sri Lanka, enjoyed Vipassana (10 days silent meditation) - and have brought yoga to central London (just off City road, which sadly came to a close).  

I am passionate about sharing mindfulness in my community now. I love Collywood and we've done Yoga/art/delicious retreat in Abbey Mills last year, which was a success. What a better way to learn mindfulness and yoga than in this ancient heritage and beautiful watery flowing space. 

Last month, I was very lucky to start the mindfulness journey at Abbey Mills. 

If you've been waiting to start/ or continue your mindfulness journey - it's always better done in a group, face to face. All you need to bring is yourself, wearing comfy warm clothes. Oh, and bring your own mat, if you have one. If not - I have a selection of new and pre-loved ones available for sale, just let me know. 

If you've been waiting to try, explore and learn a new skill, What are you waiting for? 

PM me the details and I'd be very happy to hear from you. Together we can heal each other and heal the world, starting from Collywood. 

If you've read this far... a bit about me: I'm a normal person with extra poundage after the lockdown. 

You don't have to be young, bendy, slim, healthy to start this journey. Every Body is welcome! 

Full address:   Merton Abbey Mills, SW19 2RD