Chakra is the rotating energy point in the body. 

Chakras1.png, 35,00 Κα, 04-12-2012 23:29:40There are over 72,000 energetic channels in the human body, which strech outside of the actual contour of the body. This is the map, which is being used by acupuncturists.
The main three channels, Ida, Pingala and Sushimna cross in 7 major points. These coincide with "Chakras".

The Universe is constantly sending us various messages, if we listen...If you listen to anything, it talks to you. Chakras help us to understand the health and activity in our lives from holistic point of view. 

When any situation happens in our lives, it's being captured through our nerves (nervous system), nervous system then passes it into the glands (endocrine system), endocrine system passes them message through the hormones into the blood, blood is then being spead throughout the body and the message goes into an organ/bone/body part, which may result in a particular disease (dis ease, un ease) if certain events are repeating themself, until we learn to understand them and deal with them.   

Muladhara chakra, located behind the pubic bone – this chakra is our grounding energy centre, and respresents self-knowing and earth. 
Svadhistana chakra, below the navel and towards the diaphragm – this chakra is the centre of our emotions, sexuality and desires, it represents self-responsibility and water.
Manipura chakra, located at the solar plexus – this deals with our vitality, our will, our sense of personal power. It represents self-expression and fire. 
Anahata chakra, the heart chakra – this chakra is associated with love and compassion. It represents self-love and air. 
Visshuda chakra, at the throat – this chakra is the centre for communication and creativity. It represents Self-worth and void (space).
Ajna chakra, at the third eye – this chakra is associated with intuition and dreams. It represents self-respect and is assosicated with the combination of the essence of all the elements in the purest form.
Sahasrara chakra, at the top of the head – this is our spiritual gateway. It represents self-awareness and influence.
Each of the chakras can be developed and worked on using techniques such as physical exercises, therapy, visualisation and mantras. We can also add music, oil, gems and stones, art and food to help work on the overactive/inactive chakras to bring them to balance.