Experience yoga

The benefits of doing yoga can hardly be expressed in formal responses and comments. Usually these are the small details that make the difference for my yoga students that will make unforgetable moment and unique yoga experiences.

There are SOOOOOO many precious moments that I treasury as a yoga teacher!!! It is a neverending list and I can share some of the key moments that I wish you can also share during my classes. 

 bulletpoint.png, 1,01 Κα, 13-06-2011 23:27:29 Screaming "This is Fun!!!" across Hyde Park during Kids yoga session by a 4 year old boy when standing in Warrior1 posture - was the most memorable and fun yoga experience of London Olympics.   bulletpoint.png, 1,01 Κα, 13-06-2011 23:27:29 Your favourite pets - cat and dog - joning us for a yoga session as well and practising some of the postured in real style!